Via this link, you can pre-order the first fantastic BWO Greatest Hits compilation called Pandemonium. We can announce that the new songs Barcelona and The Bells Of Freedom are 2 of the Best BWO songs ! BWO is hesitating about their following single to LYLOM between Barcelona and Gomenasai… So we’ll see in the next few weeks what will be their choice.

We would also like to wish a wonderful Happy Birthday to our genius Alexander Bard ! And please feel free to watch his great performance in the new BWO video for Lay Your Love On Me added on the Videos Page.

In the other news we have to announce that BWO unfortunally didn’t win the final of the Melodifestivalen on Saturday ! They finished at third position but the band stays positive and will have the best hit in Sweden ever ! Lay Your Love On Me is already number one in the Swedish I-Tunes singles/albums and number 16 on the Swedish Singles Chart.

5th March 08 – Updates

Pictures section is updated with some new pictures including Behind-the-scenes of Chariots Of Fire video, new sleeve for Lay Your Love On Me single, all the Pandemonium pictures album and a new logo from Pandemonium album back cover.

We’ve also got some news about the next BWO video for Lay Your Love On Me. Alexander describes it as a bizarre story with lots of trains, perverted toys and sexual sadism… The video will come out next week !

Finally, the version of We Should Be Dancing included on the Pandemonium album will be a shorter radio edit version than the Fabricator previously released version.

Gomenasai is the same version as on Fabricator and Barcelona is definitely not a cover version of Freddy Mercury and Montserra Caballé song.

In 10 days we’ll finally know if BWO will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest ! Let’s cross fingers !
The smashing, amazing, glamourously dramatic new BWO single Lay Your Love On Me will be released in Sweden on March 10th as digital and on March 12th as physical release.
The maxi-cd single and the digital release will contain 9 tracks

01 Radio Edit 2:59
02 SoundFactory Radio Edit 3:54
03 Organs Without Bodies Remix 5:37
04 Ali Payami Remix 6:12
05 SoundFactory Obsession Club Mix 7:48
06 SoundFactory Possession Dub Mix 8:55
07 Oscar Holter Body Mix 3:33
08 Oscar Holter Club Mix 5:10
09 Oscar Holter Techhouse Mix 5:16

The tracks will also be available on the album “Pandimonium – The Singles Collection” in April. This is as exclusive the tracklisting of Pandemonium :

01 The Bells Of Freedom 3:25
02 Lay Your Love On Me 2:59
03 Barcelona 3:45
04 Sunshine In The Rain 3:30
05 Give Me The Night 3:09
06 Chariots Of Fire 4:09
07 Open Door 3:29
08 Gomenasai 3:27
09 Sixteen Tons Of Hardware 3:30
10 Will My Arms Be Strong Enough 4:16
11 We Should Be Dancing 3:34
12 Temple Of Love 3:25
13 Living In A Fantasy 3:39
14 We Could Be Heroes 4:24
15 Voodoo Magic 3:41
16 Let It Rain 3:30
17 Conquering America 3:20
18 The Destiny Of Love 3:50

You can notice that The Bells Of Freedom & Barcelona will be the new tracks added on this fantastic compilation ! More news to come in March. A great surprise is also to see Gomenasai and We Should Be Dancing added on the list… Certainly for future releases… But we are also surprised to not see “Rhythm Drives Me Crazy”, “Save My Pride” and “Gone” on Pandemonium.

Today is also the release date of Sunshine In The Rain In UK !
UK BWO fans can buy 2 cds featuring all the new remixes of the song. See details below :

CD 2 Tracks single :

Sunshine In The Rain (Radio Edit)
Sunshine In The Rain (Soul Seekerz Edit)

Maxi-cd single Remixes :

Sunshine In the Rain (Soul Seekerz Remix)
Sunshine In the Rain (SoundFactory Glamourama Anthem)
Sunshine In the Rain (Sound Factory New York Anthem)
Sunshine In the Rain (Johan Afterglow Electro Mix)
Sunshine In the Rain (Italo Mix)
Sunshine In the Rain (Soul Seekerz Edit)
Sunshine In the Rain (Radio Edit)

Finally, Universal Germany is planning a new BWO release for the hit “Chariots Of Fire”. See the promo cd single below with the exclusive tracklisting :

Original Edit
Big World Club Edit (new remix)
Credheadz Remix
Richmann Remix (new remix)
SoundFactory Reconnection Club Mix
SouldFactory Reconnection Dub Mix

We could not finish the news without congratulating BWO for their fabulous performance at Melodifestivalen this Saturday. BWO goes straight to the final ! And let’s cross fingers they’ll win the final too ! Sweden absolutely needs BWO to send something great in Belgrad for the Eurovision Song Contest !

21st February 08 – Lay Your Love On Me

This is the first picture of BWO featuring their new extravagant clothes they’ll wear at the Melodifestivalen tomorrow evening ! A new fantastic look signed by the Bjork stylist. We suppose that this new picture will be used for the Lay Your Love On Me cd single !

The 60 seconds of the song available today on Swedish Media is Amazing ! Certainly one of the best song BWO ever wrote ! We really hope the band will win tomorrow !

Only 2 days of patience to finally discover the fantastic performance of BWO at the Melodifestivalen ! BWO are getting great response from the media, they love them. Even though Alexander has brought up Carola again, they seem like favourites. But we can’t take anything for granted.
Martin will be in an elevator in the middle of the show, 10 meters up in the air!! See the rehearsals pictures above.

From tomorrow 3pm until saturday you will be able to hear an exclusive 60 sec sample of Lay Your Love On Me on www.melodifestivalen.se.

For the other news about UK, Sunshine In The Rain is released on 2 CDs next Monday, Prototype and Halcyon Days are released on March 3rd here and Fabricator is released on March 10th. HMV here in the UK has them available to
pre-order for only £6.99 each with Free Delivery, that is an excellent price. They have different catalogue numbers, being released by Shell Records, not imports.

We also have some news about BWO’s song Lay Your Love On Me in Aftonbladet’s special edition of Klick!, the “insider source” who has heard all of the songs (except the wildcards’ songs) have made a statement about each and every song.

About BWO’s song:

“Bard and co knows how you write choruses that gets a hold of you. ‘Temple of love’ from 2006 was impossible to listen to and at the same time sit still, but this song is actually better. Electronic, dramatic pop perfectly made for Martin’s voice. Great chance of winning the entire Eurovision Song Contest.”

The song will be played for the very first time in public on Swedish radio station P4, Friday 22nd of February at 13.05.
60 seconds of the song will be played. After the rehearsal that takes place at 20.00 the same Friday, the songs will probably be available to listen to on svt.se/melodifestivalen.
The following day, the semi-final takes place.

Marina has won the ELLE Sweden Award for Best Dressed Woman in 2007. Both she her boyfriend and the other members of BWO, Alexander and Martin, attended the show.
Congratulations to our glamourous Marina ! And a special mention to Alexander for his beautiful shirt signed Galliano !

On this month edition of QX Magazine you can find a new interview of some of the semi-finalist of the Melodifestivalen and of course of BWO ! Read the interview translated in English and discover some exciting news about the band and their song Lay Your Love On Me.

How was the song produced?
Alexander: Bobby Ljunggren called me this summer and said “if there’s anything I want to do for Melodifestivalen, it’s working with BWO”. And we like Bobby, so he sent a few songs. But I feel like you should think about how it is going to sound like from the very start, so I sent him a few chords to work with. Classic Eurovision-style but at the same time very BWO. Then he answered with a really strong chorus, and I did the rest. Later Henrik Wikström and Anders Hansson joined us and we became the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young of the schlager-world.

Have you done any changes to it since you sent it in to SVT for the contest?
Alexander: No, the idea was crystal clear from the very beginning and it’s pretty close to Madonna’s Hung Up and Sorry if you look at the arrangement. It’s a modern filerdiscosong and that was the idea we had.

If the fashion blogs are going to express their opinion after the semi-final in Linköping, what will their impression of your outfits be?
Alexander: We are working with the designer who also works with Björk, Marjan Pejorski (who designed the singer’s famous swan-outfit…), so we haven’t exactly been looking around at H&M. Every single outfit on stage will be drawn and sewn for this occasion only. You can call it Verka Serduchka with good taste.

Marina: It’s avantgarde, hysterical and very fashion.
Alexander: We think Belgrade at once and if we aim over people’s heads, then let it be so. We can’t be satisfied with average and optimal for Melodifestivalen. It should smell Belgrade from day one.

What is BWO’s greatest musical sin?
Alexander: When we did a reggae-song called Rhythm Divine on our first album. But then later the biggest pop-star in Thailand did a cover on it and lots of cash started to roll in.
Marina: But we never perform it live. If we did I would have to go off the stage.

Do you visit blogs about schlager and schlager websites?
Alexander: Marina has a lot of gay friends who tells her everything that has been written about us. People who call and boost her ego after every gig we’ve done. I’m a little interested as we are participating so I look around a little bit.

Is the song a Eurovision winner?
Martin: Yes, if there’s any song we’ve done that is, it’s this one.
Alexander: Yeah and it’s only Velvet and BWO (in Melodifestivalen 2008) who’s got a career outside of Sweden to talk about. We’ve got fans in Eastern Europe and they settle a lot in that competition. Sure, Carola and Charlotte have both won but that was before a lot of other countries began to participate.

In which countries are you most famous?
Alexander: That depends on the songs but Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Serbia…

Martin: And Turkey. That’s where Save My Pride hit no 1. on the charts.

Alexander: we had one of the 30 greatest club hits in the UK last year, and we were offered to enter their competition. But we said no as we are entering Melodifestivalen over here.

You’ve got an album on the way aswell?
Alexander: Pandemonium, a greatest-hits album which will be released in April this year. It also includes the Europride-theme The Bells of Freedom, which is a real prideparade-anthem. It contains hints about the fact that gay people should have the right to get married.

Martin: It’s political, but it’s not exactly a “progg-song”. (laughs)

Have you been thinking about changing the way BWO “are” in order to win the Melodifestivalen?
Marina: Absolutely not. We’re not speculative in that way and we have to feel like it’s fun to participate.
Martin: And the way BWO are is what’s going to work in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Alexander: It’s impossible for a Skaraschlager-song of a boogiewoggie-song to win. We have to send an international pop song in order to win.

Which one of the other participants are you most curious about?
Alexander: Velvet, because she’s close to us when it comes to the music. She’s really nice and a great singer. And Patrik Isaksson, since he’s a friends of our’s.

And now you’re the school’s football team?
Marina: It feels totally natural. I feel like I wanna hit someone (laughs).

Alexander: I have a hard time seeing someone else in this role. This feels so BWO.

BWO ‘Sunshine In The Rain’ in the UK has been added straight to the national Radio 2 A playlist, see below. this is the highest rotation, and is straight in new on the A list, which is unheard of for a new comer, along with Westlife & Katie Melua.

The Bells Of Freedom is the title of the Europride anthem that BWO will release in August especially for the Stokcholm/Europride event. The song is described as a mix between Chariots Of Fire and Temple Of Love. As reported by Alexander Bard, Lay Your Love On Me and The Bells Of Freedom will be very electronic and both of the best BWO songs ever made ! Those 2 songs and one more song will be of course featured on the Greatest Hits album “Pandemonium”. Be sure to listen to those new tracks in the next few weeks exclusively on Electronordica !

To celebrate the official release of Sunshine In The Rain on UK I-Tunes we are proud to offer you an exclusive unreleased remix of Sunshine In The Rain. This remix is signed Brasco who already made remixes for Chariots Of Fire and Open Door. Discover the remix in the Halcyon Secrets page !! Other remixers are working at this moment for new exclusive remixes for Hooked On The Danger… Stay tuned for more remixes in the future !

Hello to you all ! First of all, Electronordica wishes you a Wonderfull and Successful year 2008 ! And we hope BWO will follow the success they know since their start !

Some news about the Sunshine In The Rain UK release. The I-Tunes release date is set to January 21st. In MusicWeek magazine this week Bwo are a new entry on the Commercial Pop Top 30 at No.26 and are on the Upfront Chart Breaker at No.10.

This is what the famous singer MIKA thinks about the song :
“I love BWO, Alexander Bard is absolutely mad, and with “Sunshine In The Rain”, he has written one of the world’s best pop songs of the new millennium.” Mika.

Your number one BWO website Electronordica is happy to wish you a Wonderful Year 2008 and would like to thank you all for your great support ! 2007 was a good year for BWO but we are sure that 2008 will be one of the best for BWO ! Martin, Marina and Alexander will participate at the Melodifestivalen again with the song Lay Your Love On Me, which is already one of the favourite of the contest ! Lay Your Love On Me is also scheduled to be release on the first BWO Greatest Hits during the first 6 months of 2008. The Greatest Hits album will contain all the hits from the band and some new fresh tracks with new sound ! The album will be followed by a dvd video compilation featuring all the video-clips of BWO.

We really hope that 2008 will be the year of success in UK too with the official release of Sunshine In The Rain (remix) which is already aired on UK radios and televisions.

So, be careful and we’ll be back very soon with lots of news from our Swedish superheroes !









































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